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Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961)

The Cornish village of Porthcorran is stricken with fear when brilliant young biochemist Dr Peter Blood (Kieron Moore) returns to join his father after a prolonged research course in Vienna.

The senior Dr Blood (Ian Hunter) is horrified to discover that his son is poisoning the locals one by one, to perform experiments in an abandoned mine, taking the hearts out of living men to transplant into a corpse.

His father’s nurse, Linda Parker (Hazel Court), discovers the monstrous plan and alerts villagers just as Peter goes a bit too far in his experiments – and there’s a gory ending as anyone might predict.

It’s a grisly blend of horror and science fiction from young Candian director Sidney J Furie who went on to make The Boys, The Leather Boys, The Ipcress File and a couple of Cliff Richard films.

Dr Peter Blood
Kieron Moore
Nurse Linda Parker
Hazel Court
Dr Robert Blood
Ian Hunter
Sgt. Cook
Kenneth J. Warren
Mr G F Morton
Gerald Lawson
Fred Johnson
Prof. Luckman
Paul Hardtmuth
Steve Parker
Paul Stockman
George Beale
Andy Alston

Sidney J. Furie