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Doctor In Clover (1966)

The sixth movie in the long-running ‘Doctor’ comedy series (from the books by Richard Gordon) sees Leslie Phillips in the lead role as Dr Gaston Grimsdyke, in place of Dirk Bogarde’s Simon Sparrow.

The plot is basically just a series of loosely connected incidents and sketches surrounding the amorous adventures of would-be Casanova Grimsdyke and his familiar conflicts with chief surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice).

The film’s highlight is a party scene, augmented by the addition of laughing gas and Justice losing his inhibitions after being accidentally injected by Phillips with a concoction that gives him the frisky sensation of youth again.

There’s a talented supporting cast – including Joan Sims, Eric Barker, Alfie Bass, Bill Kerr, Fenella Fielding, Norman Vaughan, Terry Scott and Harry Fowler – but essentially it’s a Carry On film in all but name.

Released in the US as Carnaby M.D.

Dr Gaston Grimsdyke
Leslie Phillips
Sir Lancelot Spratt
James Robertson Justice
Nurse Bancroft
Shirley Anne Field
Dr Miles Grimsdyke
John Fraser
Matron Sweet
Joan Sims
Tarquin Wendover
Arthur Haynes
Tatiana Rubikov
Fenella Fielding
Lambert Symington
Jeremy Lloyd
Noel Purcell
Rock Stewart
Robert Hutton
Prof. Halfbeck
Eric Barker
Robert the hairdresser
Terry Scott
TV Commentator
Norman Vaughan
Jeannine Belmond
Elizabeth Ercy
Alfie Bass

Ralph Thomas