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Doctor in Distress (1963)

Dr Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde in his final appearance in the Doctor series) finds his love life improves dramatically when lovely model Delia Mallory (Samantha Eggar) is brought into casualty at Hampden Cross Hospital with a sprained ankle.

Sparrow also finds himself treating Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice) who has taken to sleep-walking and has quite suddenly lost his gruff manner and is being quite nice to everyone.

Sparrow quickly diagnoses that Sir Lancelot is smitten with physiotherapist Iris Merchant (Barbara Murray). Sparrow urges him on but she also has another suitor in the form of Major Tommy Ffrench (Donald Houston).

Spratt tries to hire a private detective to follow her but when that doesn’t work out he takes to following her himself. Mayhem ensues.

Doctor In Distress features a plethora of small guest appearances including Donald Houston as a wheelchair-bound patient, Fenella Fielding as a frightened lady on a train, Leo McKern in a one-scene cameo as a flamboyant artist, Amanda Barrie looking great in a bikini, Derek Fowlds, Richard Briers, and Johnny Briggs playing medical students, and Ronnie Barker in a little cameo at the train station.

Dr Simon Sparrow
Dirk Bogarde
Sir Lancelot Spratt
James Robertson Justice
Delia Mallory
Samantha Eggar
Iris Marchant, Physiotherapist
Barbara Murray
Sonia/Helga Stronberg
Mylène Demongeot
Maj. Tommy Ffrench
Donald Houston
Mrs Parry
Jessie Evans
Mrs Whittaker
Ann Lynn
Harry Heilbronn
Leo McKern
Student Doctor
Rodney Cardiff
Dr Blacker
Dennis Price
Jill Adams
Paul Whitsun-Jones
Michael Flanders

Ralph Thomas