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Doctor In Love (1961)

Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson-Justice) gives his medical students a slating to remember over a patient. The patient is Dr Richard Hare (Michael Craig), a student who has fallen ill with jaundice and is in love with the enticing Night Nurse.

Though a box-office hit in its day, this comedy based on the Richard Gordon novels is even more episodic than others in the long-running series and comes over now as a thin excuse for a series of risqué encounters and double entendres.

Leslie Phillips is impeccable as a philandering doctor finding the country air conducive to consultancies of the canoodling kind, and James Robertson-Justice, Joan Sims, Liz Fraser and Irene Handl are as solid as ever.

The film fails, however, because of Michael Craig, as Phillips’s medical buddy, who is not only no Dirk Bogarde, but also no comedian.

Dr Richard Hare
Michael Craig
Dr Nicola Barrington
Virginia Maskell
Dr Tony Burke
Leslie Phillips
Sir Lancelot Spratt
James Robertson-Justice
Kitten Strudwick
Carole Lesley
Reginald Beckwith
Dr Clive Cardew
Nicholas Phipps
Liz Fraser
Joan Sims
Dr Hinxman
Nicholas Parsons
Professor MacRitchie
Irene Handl
Sally Nightingale
Moira Redmond
Mrs Tadwich
Fenella Fielding

Ralph Thomas