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Don’t Bother to Knock (1961)

Philandering travel agent Bill Ferguson (Richard Todd) has an argument with his naive fiancée Stella (June Thornburn) after he loses the key to his Edinburgh apartment.

Bill’s wealthy associate, Maggie (Judith Anderson) finds the key and makes several copies with address tags, presenting them to Bill in a small case.

But while visiting the Continent on a business trip, Bill has romantic liaisons with several women in Germany, Italy and Austria and gives each of his conquests a key to his flat in Scotland.

When all of them want to attend the Edinburgh Festival each one decides to stay with Bill and he has to frantically try to prevent them from meeting each other.

Based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Clifford Hanley, Richard Todd turned his talents to comedy in this delightful romantic adaptation. As well as taking the lead role, Todd also acted as executive producer for the film.

Lucille (Nicole Maurie), Ingrid (Elke Sommer) and fiancée Stella are the three main gals in his life but the cast included a plethora of pin-up girls including uncredited bit roles for Amanda Barrie, Angela Douglas and Jane Merrow (in her film debut).

The film is beautiful to look at with great location sequences, lush sets and gorgeous outfits for the girls. Sadly, there are not many laughs to be had and pint-sized Todd seems ill-suited to the lead role.

Released in the US as Why Bother to Knock to avoid confusion with a 1952 film starring Marilyn Monroe which had the same title.

Bill Ferguson
Richard Todd
Nicole Maurey
Elke Sommer
June Thorburn
Rik Battaglia
Judith Anderson
Dawn Beret
Scot Finch
Eleanor Summerfield
John Le Mesurier
Colin Gordon
Kenneth Fortescue
Ronald Fraser
Tommy Duggan
Michael Shepley