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Don’t Make Waves (1967)

As the animated credits show us during the catchy title song from The Byrds, Carlo Cofield (Tony Curtis) has left the East Coast and driven cross-country to reach California in search of some action. He’s looking for riches and bikini-clad lovelies (not necessarily in that order).

But minutes after his arrival, a chance encounter with accident-prone Laura Califatti (Claudia Cardinale) wipes out all his possessions – right down to the clothes he’s wearing.

Carlo’s bad luck continues as Laura can’t locate her insurance and he’s forced to spend the night on the beach by her married benefactor Rod Prescott (Robert Webber), where he is knocked unconscious the next morning by a surfboard – but, thankfully, revived by the beautiful skydiver, ‘Malibu’ (Sharon Tate).

Prescott intends to sweep the accident under the rug lest his wife, Diane (Joanna Barnes) finds out about his kept woman, but Carlo quickly turns the tables and blackmails him into a job and a step into the high life, complete with a sports car, swimming pool and a beautiful new home overlooking the ocean.

While the beautiful Laura has shown an attraction to Carlo since the beginning, he’s more interested in wooing Malibu away from her bodybuilder boyfriend Harry Hollard (Dave ‘Mr Universe’ Draper).

Meanwhile, Diane Prescott also hints at a liking for Curtis – and a pending divorce.

The film was a box office disappointment when it was first released, but hey! Sharon Tate. In a bikini. On a trampoline!

Stuntman Bob Buquor accidentally drowned off the Malibu coast when he parachuted into the Pacific Ocean during filming for the skydiving scenes.

Carlo Cofield
Tony Curtis
Laura Califatti
Claudia Cardinale
Rod Prescott
Robert Webber
Diane Prescott
Joanna Barnes
Sharon Tate
Harry Hollard
Dave Draper
Sam Lingonberry
Mort Sahl
Dub Taylor
Millie Gunder
Ann Elder
Ted Gunder
Chester Yorton
Reg Lewis
Fred Barker
Marc London
Douglas Henderson
Sarah Selby

Alexander Mackendrick