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Dr Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs (1966)

“Meet the girls with the Thermo-Nuclear navels!”

Thanks to cult Italian horror director Mario Bava, this sequel to Dr Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine (1965) piles on the style, but rather loses out in the fun stakes.


Vincent Price returns as Dr Goldfoot – this time in Rome – and although he no longer has Igor by his side, he’s assisted by a beautiful Chinese lady (Moana Tahi) and an even larger army of shapely female robots garbed in golden one-piece and two-piece bathing suits (including Land of the Giants star Deanna Lund).

Goldfoot gets backing from China to start a war between the Americans and the Soviets using his army of bikini-clad sexy female robots with bombs implanted in their navels.

He plans to have his fembots kiss NATO generals and the touch of their soft lips would cause their navel bombs to go off in a deadly explosion.

Teen idol Fabian plays SIC (Special Intelligence Command) agent Bill Dexter who is out to foil the dastardly plan, while Italian comics Franco and Ciccio – touted as the Abbott and Costello of Italy but arguably cinema’s worst-ever comedy double act – have supporting roles as a duo of bumbling local agents.

Dexter romances the lovely Rosanna (Laura Antonelli), who works with Colonel Benson (Francesco Mule), but when Goldfoot makes a robot duplicate of her, the young American almost gets blown up by a girl bomb himself.

Goldfoot’s ultimate plan is to start World War III by dropping a nuclear bomb on Russia and making it look like the United States is responsible.

“Don’t touch – she’s a booby bomb!”

Dr Goldfoot
Vincent Price
Bill Dexter
Franco Franchi
Ciccio Ingrassia
Laura Antonelli
Goldfoot’s assistant
Moana Tahi

Mario Bava