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Dr Syn Alias the Scarecrow (1963)

Dr Syn, the vicar of Dymchurch (Patrick McGoohan), is also a notorious smuggler known as The Scarecrow. Dressed in tattered clothes and straw, he prowls the countryside with his bunch of “gentlemen”.

On the order of King George III (Eric Pohlmann), General Pugh (Geoffrey Keen) sets out to capture him.


The Scarecrow carries on his activities aided by his sexton (alias Hellspite), the squire’s son, John Banks (Sean Scully) and finally Pugh’s lieutenant, Philip Brackenbury (Eric Flynn), who is in love with Kate Banks (Jill Curzon).

He rescues Harry Banks (David Buck), a deserter from the navy and Simon Bates (Tony Britton) both imprisoned in Dover Castle.

Pugh is disgraced, Brackenbury offers to resign his commission to marry Kate, and the identity of The Scarecrow remains a secret.

Dr Syn
Patrick McGoohan
Sexton Mipps
George Cole
Simon Bates
Tony Britton
Sir Thomas Banks
Michael Hordern
Kate Banks
Jill Curzon
John Banks
Sean Scully
Harry Banks
David Buck
General Pugh
Geoffrey Keen
Mrs Waggett
Kay Walsh
King George III
Eric Pohlmann
Joe Ransley
Patrick Wymark
Mrs Ransley
Elsie Wagstaff
George Ransley
Richard O’Sullivan
Prosecutor Fragg
Alan Dobie
Philip Brackenbury
Eric Flynn
Head Jailer
Percy Herbert
Sam Farley
Robert Brown
The Bishop
Mark Dignam
Gordon Gostelow
Bruce Seton

James Neilson