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Early Bird, The (1965)

With the dairy he works for threatened with closing after a large company (Consolidated Dairies) moves onto their turf, lone milkman Norman Pitkin (Norman Wisdom in his first colour outing) decides to take matters into his own hands, sabotaging the corporation head’s garden and golf game.

Meanwhile, rival milkman Austin (Bryan Pringle) employs dirty tactics to take Norman’s customers for Consolidated.

Funny slapstick permeates (Wisdom falls down a flight of stairs six times in the first ten minutes before a line of dialogue is spoken).

Norman Pitkin
Norman Wisdom
Mr Grimsdale

Edward Chapman 
Mr Walter N. Hunter

Jerry Desmonde
Mrs Gladwys Hoskins

Paddie O’Neil 

Bryan Pringle 
Sir Roger Wedgewood

Richard Vernon 
Colonel Foster 

John Le Mesurier
Fire Chief

Peter Jeffrey
Miss Curry

Penny Morrell 

Harry Locke
Miss Cartwright, Sir Roger’s Secretary

Imogen Hassall

Robert Asher