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Earth Dies Screaming, The (1965)

Astronaut Jeff Nolan (Willard Parker) returns to Earth to find the planet has been ravaged by robots that kill by touch and then reanimate their victims as eyeless zombies.

He joins the few human survivors in England in a desperate fight for freedom. Parker must find their power source and destroy the transmitter that’s controlled by intergalactic beings from a distant planet.

Hampered by a muddled script and poor characterisations, veteran horror director Terence Fisher hit the bottom of the alien-invasion barrel with the first in his off-Hammer sci-fi trilogy that continued with the better Island of Terror and Night of the Big Heat.


Jeff Nolan
Willard Parker
Peggy Taggett
Virginia Field
Quinn Taggett
Dennis Price
Violet Courtland
Vanda Godsell
Edgar Otis
Thorley Walters
David Spenser
Anna Palk

Terence Fisher