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Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)

The lure of sunken treasure on a Spanish wreck leads to romance between US Navy diver Ted Jackson (Elvis Presley) and Jo Symington – a go-go dancing yoga student (Dodie Marshall).

Easy Come, Easy Go is one of Presley’s weakest vehicles – almost as embarrassing for audiences as it clearly was for Presley himself.

The plot about a search for lost treasure is virtually unfathomable, and the star is asked to sing demeaning songs such as Yoga Is As Yoga Does.

The humour is feeble and invariably tasteless (anti-beatnik jokes in the 1960s?), and it’s tough to watch renowned veteran actress Elsa Lanchester being reduced to a figure of fun.

The garish Technicolor just about makes this watchable, as does guessing which old Paramount flick it was based on (no prizes), but once-promising director John Rich is just fulfilling his contract here. Sadly, so is Elvis.

Lt Ted Jackson
Elvis Presley
Jo Symington
Dodie Marshall
Madame Neherina
Elsa Lanchester
Dina Bishop
Pat Priest
Judd Whitman
Pat Harrington
Gil Carey
Skip Ward
Lt Schwartz
Sandy Kenyon
Captain Jack
Frank McHugh
Ed Griffith

John Rich