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El Dorado (1966)

Gunfighter Cole Thornton (John Wayne) is invited to the western town of El Dorado to take part in a range war, working for Bart Jason (Ed Asner) against a rival rancher, MacDonald.

He meets the local sheriff, who turns out to be an old friend, J P Harrah (Robert Mitchum). Soon, Cole agrees to turn Jason down.

However, by an unhappy chance, he guns down MacDonald’s youngest son, Luke (Johnny Crawford), is shot by MacDonald’s hot-headed daughter, “Joey” (Michele Carey) and leaves town as soon as he has recovered.

Months later, near the Mexican border, Cole meets a crowd of dangerous gunmen – including Nelse McLeod (Christopher George) – who are going to help Jason settle MacDonald for good. They tell him Harrah is a shadow of his old self and has taken to drink over a woman.

Cole rides for El Dorado with his new sidekick, “Mississippi” (James Caan) to help his old friend and make it up to the town.

Cole Thornton
John Wayne
Sheriff J P Harrah
Robert Mitchum
Mississippi (Alan Bourdillon Traherne)
James Caan
Charlene Holt
Dr Miller
Paul Fix
Arthur Hunnicutt
Josephine (Joey) MacDonald
Michele Carey
Kevin MacDonald
R.G. Armstrong
Bart Jason
Edward Asner
Nelse McLeod
Christopher George
Marina Ghane
Robert Donner
John Gabriel
Luke MacDonald
Johnny Crawford
Saul MacDonald
Robert Rothwell
Matt MacDonald
Adam Roarke

Howard Hawks