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Eva (1962)

Stanley Baker is Tyvian Jones, a successful Welsh novelist living the fast life in Italy, whose burgeoning career and marriage unravel when he becomes infatuated with an emotionally cold, high-class call girl (Jeanne Moreau).

In another of his collaborations with director Joseph Losey, Baker plays convincingly against type as the needy one who puts himself at the emotional mercy of someone far more ruthless and conniving than he is.


Eve Olivier
Jeanne Moreau
Tyvian Jones
Stanley Baker
Francesca Ferrara
Virna Lisi
Arthur McCormick
James Villiers
Michele the player
Riccardo Garrone
Russian redhead
Lisa Gastoni
Checco Rissone
Enzo Fiermonte
Anna Maria
Nona Medici
Giorgio Albertazzi

Joseph Losey