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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)

babyjane19Director Robert Aldrich gave Bette Davis and Joan Crawford a bizarre new lease on life in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? – an extraordinary extension of the sadomasochistic elements that ran through their film careers – in which they played two elderly sisters trapped in the past.

Jane Hudson (Davis) was the child star of the babyjane20title until Blanche (Crawford) became a leading lady and elbowed her out of the spotlight.

Now the studio lights have been switched off for both of them, and they occupy a shuttered and decaying Bel Air mansion, Blanche in a wheelchair after being crippled in a car accident and drink-sodden Jane gleefully serving her rats for dinner.

There is heavyweight support from 300-pound newcomer Victor Buono and Aldrich worked all the organ stops on this bit of sub-Gothic horror which some critics called “slowly developed” and “too long”.

Baby Jane Hudson
Bette Davis
Blanche Hudson
Joan Crawford
Edwin Flagg
Victor Buono
Marty McDonald
Wesley Addy
Cora Hudson
Anne Barton
Dehlia Flagg
Marjorie Bennett
Ben Golden
Bert Freed
Mrs Bates
Anna Lee
Elvira Stitt
Maidie Norman
Ray Hudson
Dave Willock

Robert Aldrich