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Explosive Generation, The (1961)

An excellent example of what happens when Hollywood tries to get serious.

William (Star Trek) Shatner is a high school teacher with the usual qualifications; dedication, principles, integrity . . .

When he starts talking about zygotes and sperm cells in class everybody gets uptight. The students don’t back him, the administration is spineless, the parents are pissed off, and his job is in jeopardy.

Every cornball cliche is paraded across the screen before the viewer is spoon-fed the usual happy ending and moral at the end.

Learn about sex elsewhere!

Peter Gifford
William Shatner
Janet Sommers
Patty McCormack
Dan Carlyle
Lee Kinsolving
Mrs Katie Sommers
Virginia Field
Bobby Herman Sr
Stephen Dunne
Mr Carlyle
Phillip Terry
Mr George Sommers
Arch Johnson
Mr Morton
Edward Platt
Marge Ryker
Suzi Carnell
Jan Norris
Beau Bridges
Peter Virgo
Police Captain
Stafford Repp
Bruce Kerner
Peter Virgo Jr

Buzz Kulik