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Eye Of The Devil (1966)

French aristocrat Philippe de Montfaucon (David Niven) learns bad weather is threatening the crops in his vineyard for the third successive year, and gradually realises he is expected to make the ultimate sacrifice to the grape gods to save them.

Niven and Deborah Kerr (as Phillippe’s wife, Catherine) add considerable authority to the silly premise largely wasting the talents of Donald Pleasence, Flora Robson and Edward Mulhare.

Warlock David Hemmings and witch Sharon Tate have their moments turning a toad into a dove and hypnotising the locals.

The film was controversial in its day and extensively cut for American release.


Catherine de Montfaucon
Deborah Kerr
Philippe de Montfaucon
David Niven
Père Dominic
Donald Pleasence
Jean-Claude Ibert
Edward Mulhare
Countess Estelle
Flora Robson
Alain de Montfaucon
Emlyn Williams
Odile de Caray
Sharon Tate
Christian de Caray
David Hemmings
Dr Monnet
John Le Mesurier
Michael Miller
Donald Bisset
Robert Duncan
Suky Appleby

J. Lee Thompson