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Fast Lady, The (1962)

Naive Scotsman Murdoch Troon (Stanley Baxter), an enthusiastic member of the local cycling club, is involved in an accident with wealthy and arrogant businessman Commander Charles Chingford (James Robertson Justice), who hates both cyclists and Scotsmen.

Murdoch then meets Chingford’s beautiful blonde daughter, Claire (Julie Christie) and is instantly smitten. She persuades him to give up his bicycle and buy a sports car.

He buys a vintage 1927 Bentley ex-racing car – the “fast lady” of the title – in order to impress her.

Now he must learn to drive and pass his test within a week before his first date with Claire. He also needs to win over her autocratic and domineering old father who has taken a distinct dislike to the young Scotsman.

Leslie Phillips co-stars as Freddie Fox, Murdoch’s used car salesman friend – and fellow boarder with Mrs Staggers (Kathleen Harrison) – who sells him The Fast Lady.

The Fast Lady is a gentle mix of romantic comedy and slapstick, featuring a never-ending smorgasbord of cameos from British comedy greats – particularly in the closing chase with a group of bank robbers in a Mk VII Jag – including Eric Barker, Deryck Guyler, Dick Emery, Frankie Howerd, Bernard Cribbins and Clive Dunn. Motor racing legends Graham Hill and John Surtees appear in one of Murdoch’s dreams.

This was the second of four 1960’s British comedy films featuring Stanley Baxter, James Robertson Justice, and Leslie Phillips. The others were Very Important Person (1961), Crooks Anonymous (1962) and Father Came Too (1963).

With the exception of the latter, all were directed by Ken Annakin, who later made Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

Freddie Fox
Leslie Phillips
Claire Chingford
Julie Christie
Charles Chingford
James Robertson Justice
Murdoch Troon
Stanley Baxter
Mrs Staggers
Kathleen Harrison
Major Basil Wentworth
Eric Barker
1st Golfer
Fred Emney
2nd Golfer
Eddie Gray
Road Workman
Frankie Howerd
Raymond Baxter
John Bolster
Graham Hill
John Surtees
Allan Cuthbertson
Oliver Johnston
Dick Emery
Lady on Zebra Crossing
Esma Cannon
Victor Brooks
Dr Blake
Deryck Guyler
Motorcycle Policeman 
Terence Alexander
Ambulance Patient
Bernard Cribbins
Old Gentleman in Burning House
Clive Dunn
Actor in Scottish TV show
Gerald Campion
Campbell Singer
Miss Timpkins
Ann Beach
Anne Blake
Terry Scully
Mark Heath
Trevor Reid
Miss Oldham
Marianne Stone
Danny Green
Eddie Leslie
Michael Balfour
Heidi Erich
Police Sergeant
John Dunbar
Man with Microscope
Martin Miller
Angry Motorist
Toke Townley
Freddie’s Girlfriend
Irene Barrie
Pretty Girl
Anna Ostling-Thomas
May Ling Rahman

Ken Annakin