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Fastest Guitar Alive, The (1966)

Roy Orbison plays Johnny Banner, a Confederate army officer who sports an acoustic guitar that converts with James Bond-like speed into a rifle to fight off marauding Native Americans while he sets about robbing $150,000 of gold bullion from the United States Mint in San Francisco with his buddy Steve Menlo (Sammy Jackson).

The boys skillfully manage to rob the mint, then head for El Paso to deliver the load to a southern general.

Half-way along their journey, the duo learns that peace has been declared. Chagrined to find they have, by the stroke of a pen, been demoted from heroes of the Confederate Army to common, run-of-the-mill crooks, they decide to return the gold and redeem their good names.

Whereupon they find themselves really in trouble. Seems like everyone west of Ohio has heard about their little wagon-load of gold and plan to capture it.

All kinds of hot and hilarious escapades ensue, with double-crossing friends and competing bands of thieves conspiring to prevent the ex-rebels from clearing themselves.

The movie, produced by Sam Katzman, was based on historical fact. In 1865, during the desperate last days of the Civil War, a group of Confederate soldiers were plotting to rob the US Mint in San Francisco. They hoped in this way to finance the buying of supplies which would enable the beleaguered Confederacy to continue fighting and perhaps ultimately win the war.

General Lee surrendered at Appomattox before the scheme could be carried out.

Johnny Banner
Roy Orbison
Steve Menlo
Sammy Jackson
Maggie Pierce
Joan Freeman
Charlie Mansfield
Lyle Bettger
Sheriff Max Cooper
John Doucette
Patricia Donahue
Ben Cooper
Indian Chief
Ben Lessy
Douglas Kennedy
Len Hendry
1st Indian
Iron Eyes Cody
1st Expressman
Sam The Sham
Wilda Taylor
Victoria Carroll
Maria Korda
Poupée Gamin

Micky Moore