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Fathom (1967)

When sexy secret agent Fathom Harvill (Raquel Welch) is sent on a mission to Spain to retrieve an H-bomb triggering device, she soon runs into opposition in the form of handsome American mercenary Peter Merriweather (Anthony Franciosa). A game of double-bluff and deceit commences.

Hot on the success of their 1966 big-screen version of Batman, writer Lorenzo Semple Jr and director Leslie H Martinson came up with this sprightly spoof, which combines the frenetic pace of a crime caper with the flashiness of a Bond movie.

Shifting from the search for the lost H-bomb trigger to a race for a priceless statuette, the plot is almost an irrelevance as agents Welch and Franciosa hurtle around the Mediterranean in the company of such British stalwarts as Richard Briers and Ronald Fraser.

Revelling in the sunny locations of the Costa del Sol and the shenanigans, Welch gives one of her best performances in an often disappointing career.

Fathom Harvill
Raquel Welch
Peter Merriweather
Anthony Franciosa
Douglas Campbell
Ronald Fraser
Jo-May Soon
Greta Chi
Richard Briers
Tom Adams
Clive Revill
Mr. Trivers
Reg Lye
Mrs. Trivers
Ann Lancaster
Elizabeth Ercy
Tutte Lemkow

Leslie H. Martinson