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Finders Keepers (1966)

Cliff Richard starred in this musical based on the real headline story about the accidental dropping by an American aeroplane, of an unfused atom bomb. In the film, the “mighty mini” bomb lands in just the place in Spain where Cliff and The Shadows are due to perform.

While agents of various world powers converge on the place to find it, Cliff and the gang arrive by train to find the place strangely deserted. One of the few not to have heeded the evacuation warnings is the beautiful Emilia (Viviane Ventura).


Their hotel is run by cantankerous English manager Colonel Roberts (Robert Morley) and staffed by shouty cook Mrs Bragg (Peggy Mount) and the incompetent Burke (Graham Stark).

It’s enjoyable, colourful, escapist nonsense, surrounded by nice Spanish scenery and gorgeous girls, all enhanced with some good songs.

Just think – If the bomb had been armed, thousands of music lovers around the world would have been spared Cliff’s eventual Millennium Prayer . . .

Cliff Richard
The Shadows
Hank B Marvin
Brian Bennett
John Rostill
Bruce Welch
Colonel Roberts
Robert Morley
Mrs Bragg
Peggy Mount
Viviane Ventura
Graham Stark
Mr X
John Le Mesurier
Robert Hutton
Ellen Pollock

Sidney Hayers