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All The Fine Young Cannibals (1960)

A bizarre blend of teenage angst movie and Cassavetes-style drama that has Robert Wagner as Chet Baker in all but name.

The minister of the town has died and his son Chad (Wagner) has no tears for him. Sarah (Natalie Wood) – who now calls herself ‘Salome’ – is pregnant with Chad’s baby, but Chad has no future, no job and no money.

So Salome leaves town on a train heading East. On the train, she meets Tony (George Hamilton) who is heading back to Yale. Tony and his sister Catherine (Susan Kohner) have one thing in common: they are both young, rich and bored with their lives.

Salome goes to Yale with Tony and they are soon married, but she does not tell him about Chad or the pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Ruby (Pearl Bailey) takes Chad to New York where he plays the trumpet and makes a name for himself.

Catherine leaves school and moves in with Tony and Salome, creating tension between the young couple.

Having Michael Anderson, the British director who made The Dam Busters (1955) and Around the World in 80 Days (1956), at the helm ensures a blander ride than the subject merits.

Chad Bixby
Robert Wagner
Sarah ‘Salome’ Davis
Natalie Wood
Catherine McDowall
Susan Kohner
Tony McDowall
George Hamilton
Ruby Jones
Pearl Bailey
Putney Tinker
Jack Mullaney
Joshua Davis
Onslow Stevens
Mrs Bixby
Anne Seymour

Michael Anderson