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First Men In The Moon (1964)

When astronauts land on the Moon in 1964 they are surprised to discover a British flag and evidence that the place was first visited in 1899.

On Earth, the last surviving member of the Victorian lunar expedition space crew is located and he recalls the thrilling details of their lunar adventure, including being captured by an insectoid population (called ‘Selinites’) and an encounter with a giant Moon caterpillar.

firstmen firstmeninmoon

Lionel Jeffries is splendid as the eccentric Professor Cavor, who uses his anti-gravity paint invention to achieve lift-off. Kate Callender (Martha Hyer) adds some spice to the mix as the inadvertent stowaway inside the riveted circular spacecraft, while her fiancé Arnold Bedford (Edward Judd) accompanies Cavor simply to escape his creditors.

This light-hearted science fiction adventure, based on the novel by HG Wells, featured outstanding special effects from stop-motion magician Ray Harryhausen which added further lustre to director Nathan Juran’s colourfully engaging tale.

TRIVIA: Watch for a fleeting appearance by Peter Finch as a messenger. Finch happened to be watching the scene being filmed when the actor required for the part failed to show up.


Arnold Bedford
Edward Judd
Professor Joseph Cavor
Lionel Jeffries
Kate Callender
Martha Hyer
Erik Chitty
Betty McDowall
Laurence Herder
Miles Malleson
Gladys Henson

Nathan Juran