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Flaming Star (1960)

Originally intended as a vehicle for Marlon Brando, this immensely dignified and astoundingly violent (for its time) western – based on Clair Huffaker’s Flaming Lance novel – became the second movie after King Creole (1958) to prove Elvis Presley could act.

Here he plays Pacer Burton – an unhappy half native American misfit, who must take sides when his mother’s people, the Kiowa tribe, decide to go on the warpath.

The glamorous Dolores Del Rio makes a Hollywood comeback as his ma, and his pa is John McIntire.

The tension, under the brilliant direction of Don Siegel, is beautifully sustained, and the outdoor colour and CinemaScope photography is outstanding.

This was to be the last shot Presley would get at a decent acting role with a major director. After this, his film career took a major turn for the worse.

The box office receipts were reasonable, but not startling, partly because the film totally lacked songs apart from the title number and a folksy dance tune, both in the opening minutes.

Pacer Burton
Elvis Presley
Clint Burton
Steve Forrest
Neddy Burton
Dolores Del Rio
Sam Burton
John McIntire
Buffalo Horn
Rodolfo Acosta
Roslyn Pierce
Barbara Eden
Dred Pierce
Karl Swenson
Angus Pierce
Richard Jaeckel
Doc Phillips
Ford Rainey
Dorothy Howard
Anne Benton
Tom Howard
L Q Jones

Don Siegel