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After The Fox (1966)

A rather forgettable Peter Sellers comedy about an ingenious criminal who becomes a movie director as a front to pull off a gold heist.

After escaping from prison, notorious criminal Aldo Vanucci (Sellers), alias “The Fox”, dons a variety of disguises, his most novel being a film director which enables him to gain the manpower for a bullion hijack when he persuades an entire village that they are movie extras for his film.

The movie never really gets off the ground despite Neil Simon’s satirical script.

The best joke of all is Victor Mature as a pompous has-been actor, sending up his own image – corsets and all.


Aldo Vanucci
Peter Sellers
Tony Powell
Victor Mature
Gina Romantica
Britt Ekland
Martin Balsam
Akim Tamiroff
Paolo Stoppa
Tino Buazzeli
Mac Ronay
Mama Vanucci
Lidia Brazzi
Police chief
Lando Buzzanca
Bikini girl
Maria Grazia Buccella
Chief of Interpol
Maurice Denham
Tiberio Murgia
Francesco De Leone

Vittorio De Sica