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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

The fourth film in Hammer‘s Frankenstein series begins with a dead and frozen Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) being re-animated by his colleague Dr Hertz (Thorley Walters) to prove that the soul does not leave the body at the instant of death, and can, in fact, be captured and contained.

Meanwhile, his young lab assistant, Hans (Robert Morris) is found guilty of murdering Kleve (Alan MacNaughtan) the local tavern owner (which he did not do, although they had argued publically and were overheard by the police) and executed by guillotine.

Frankenstein acquires his body immediately after the execution.

Hans’ deformed girlfriend Christina (Playboy playmate Susan Denberg, dubbed by Nikki Van der Zyl because Denberg’s Austrian accent was deemed too strong) – the daughter of the murdered man – is so distraught that she commits suicide.

The good Doctor brings Christina’s body back to life (and now she’s beautiful) but with Hans’ captured soul replacing her own.

As his memories return to her, she sets out to wreak violent and bloody revenge on the three real murderers – Anton (Peter Blythe), Karl (Barry Warren) and Johann (Derek Fowlds) – who were responsible for having sent Hans to his death.

Baron Frankenstein
Peter Cushing
Susan Denberg
Doctor Hertz
Thorley Walters
Robert Morris
The Prisoner
Duncan Lamont
Peter Blythe
Barry Warren
Derek Fowlds
Alan MacNaughtan
Chief of Police
Peter Madden
Philip Ray
Ivan Beavis
Colin Jeavons
Bartlett Mullins
Alec Mango

Terence Fisher