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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

frankensteinmustbedestroyed1Baron Frankenstein blackmails a young asylum doctor into releasing the mad Dr Brandt so that he can learn the secret of his brain freezing technique.

The fifth of Hammer‘s Frankenstein series is graced by an incisive performance from Peter Cushing, up to his old tricks as the Baron performing brain transplants, and a haunting turn by Freddie Jones as the main recipient, an asylum employee whom the Baron has murdered.

Jones is astonishing as the anguished victim of the transplant, whose wife fails to recognise him and rejects him, prompting his revenge plan.

The gothic gore is once more directed with spirited skill and economy by Terence Fisher (his fourth in the series), although the most memorable Grand frankensteinmustbedestroyed6Guignol scare has a buried body bursting through the earth because of a broken water pipe.

Veronica Carlson wears the diaphanous gowns well.

Baron Frankenstein
Peter Cushing
Dr Karl Holst
Simon Ward
Anna Spengler
Veronica Carlson
Professor Richter
Freddie Jones
Inspector Frisch
Thorley Walters
Ella Brandt
Maxine Audley
Dr Brandt
George Pravda
Dr Heidecke
Jim Collier

Terence Fisher