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Fräulein Doktor (1969)

During World War I, a female German super-spy (and morphine addict) known as “Fraülein Doktor” (Suzy Kendall) steals the new mustard gas formula from its French female inventor, Dr Saforet (Capucine). The Germans then use the gas to great effect against the Allies in the trenches.

Fraülein Doktor then seduces a laundryman to find out which ship Lord Kitchener will be sailing on to Russia, and when it will sail. She then helps a German U-boat to sink HMS Hampshire outside Scapa Flow with Kitchener on it, taking his life.

For her next assignment, (obtaining Allied defence plans for a German attack in Belgium) she poses as a Spanish contessa and travels with Spanish nurses on a hospital train to the Allied front (assisted by German agents who impersonate Belgian officers to penetrate Belgium Army headquarters and steal the plans).

The nightmarish climactic battlefield scenes depicting the horror of a mustard gas slaughter – with German cavalry emerging through the gas cloud on horses who are wearing protective clothing and gasmasks – will stay with you.

This Italian and Yugoslav co-production was loosely based on the life of Elsbeth Schragmüller.

Fraülein Doktor
Suzy Kendall
Colonel Foreman
Kenneth More
Colonel Mathesius
Nigel Green
General Peronne
Alexander Knox
Marchioness de Haro
Olivera Katarina
Dr Saforet
James Booth
Dona Elena de Rivas
Andreina Paul
Silvia Monti
Dona Julia
Virginia Bell
Hans Ruppert
Giancarlo Giannini
Sgt. Otto Latemar
Mario Novelli
Roberto Bisacco
Milivoje Popovic-Mavid
Milutin Micovic
Colonel Delveaux
Dusan Bulajic
Captain Munster
Gérard Herter
General von Ludendorff
James Mishler
Michael Elphick
Lt. Wilhelm von Oberdorff
Bernard De Vries
Malcolm Ingram
Belgian Colonel
Janez Vrhovec

Alberto Lattuada