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Frozen Dead, The (1966)

Dr Rupert Norberg (Dana Andrews) is a crazed German scientist who once worked on living bodies in concentration camps and is now keeping 1,500 frozen Nazis alive in the British countryside until he can revive them to reinstate the good old days of the Third Reich.

His experiments have thus far been unsuccessful (the bodies thaw out perfectly but the minds do not) but – having funded Norberg’s cryogenic experiments since the end of WWII – the former high ranking officials of the Nazi party make it clear that they expect him to reanimate the Nazis he has stashed away.

Fearful for his life, Norberg decides he needs a living human brain to continue his increasingly horrific and murderous research alongside his assistant Karl Essen (Alan Tilvern).


But when his niece, Jean (Anna Palk) discovers her best friend, Elsa (Kathleen Breck) has gone missing, she tries desperately to enlist help from American scientist Dr Ted Roberts (Philip Gilbert) to stop the madness.

Dr Rupert Norberg
Dana Andrews
Jean Norberg
Anna Palk
Dr Ted Roberts
Philip Gilbert
Elsa Tenney
Kathleen Breck
General Lubeck
Karel Stepanek
Dr Tirpitz
Basil Henson
Karl Essen
Alan Tilvern
Mrs Schmidt
Anne Tirard

Herbert J. Leder