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Frozen Dead, The (1966)

Dana Andrews stars as a crazed scientist keeping the heads of Nazi war criminals alive until he can find appropriate bodies to attach them to so he can revive the Third Reich.

Having funded German doctor Rupert Norberg’s (Andrews) cryogenic experiments since the war, the Nazi party makes it clear that they expect him to reanimate some 1,500 frozen Nazis.

frozendead1966Fearful for his life, Norberg continues his research in increasingly horrific, murderous ways.

But when his niece’s (Anna Palk) best friend goes missing, the young woman tries desperately to enlist help from an American scientist (Philip Gilbert) to stop the madness.

Dr Rupert Norberg
Dana Andrews
Jean Norberg
Anna Palk
Dr Ted Roberts
Philip Gilbert
Elsa Tenney
Kathleen Breck
General Lubeck
Karel Stepanek
Dr Tirpitz
Basil Henson
Karl Essen
Alan Tilvern
Mrs Schmidt
Anne Tirard