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Fun In Acapulco (1963)

Elvis Presley has his hands full as a would-be cliff diver and former trapeze artist attempting to simultaneously cure his acrophobia after an accident which killed his brother, and win the hand of an aloof displaced royal (Ursula Andress).

Add to the mix a pint-sized impresario hoping to break our hero as a lounge act, the inevitable swarthy romantic rival, and a sultry lady bullfighter, and you’ll see why “You Can’t Say No in Acapulco”.

Fun in Acapulco was Teri Garr’s first film. She appears as a dancer but does not have any lines. She would appear in three more Presley films as a dancer (as well as in several other productions) before ever uttering a line onscreen.

funinacapulco2 funinacapulco4

The film features a particularly peppy production number of Bossa Nova Baby which features probably Presley’s best dance moves of the decade.

Although the movie is set in Acapulco, Elvis actually never set a foot anywhere near the place.

Mike Windgren
Elvis Presley
Margarita Dauphine
Ursula Andress
Dolores Gomez
Elsa Cardenas
Paul Lukas
Raoul Almeido
Larry Domasin
Alejandro Rey
Jose Robert
Janie Harkins
Teri Hope
Mr Harkins
Charles Evans

Richard Thorpe