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Future Women (1969)

This notional sequel to The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru (1967) was released in some markets as The Seven Secrets of SumuruThe Girl From Rio and Rio 70.

The only link to Million Eyes is Shirley Eaton and even her character name changes from film to film (from Su-Muru to Sumuru).

Jeff Sutton (Richard Wyler) arrives in Rio de Janeiro with nothing but a suitcase containing $10 million dollars. Powerful mobster Sir Masius (George Sanders) has sent his henchman Carl (Herbert Fleischmann) to follow Jeff and take the money.


Jeff has a brief affair with manicurist Lesley (Maria Röhm) and manages to escape from the mobsters. Unfortunately, he is captured by Sumuru, leader of the well-trained female army of the City of Femina, who is plotting to defeat all men and take over the world.

Shirley Eaton
Jeff Sutton
Richard Wyler
Sir Masius
George Sanders
Maria Röhm
Elisa Montés
Marta Reves
Herbert Fleischmann
Benny Cardoso
Ennio Rossini
Walter Rilla

Jesús Franco