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Gambit (1966)

This charming caper film teams Michael Caine with Shirley MacLaine as unlikely thieves in pursuit of a priceless sculpture.

Caine plays Harry Deane – a refreshingly amateur crook with big ideas, but not quite the ability to carry them through. Luckily he picks Nicole Chang (MacLaine) as his accomplice, and it is her wit, wisdom and general know-how which saves him from jail.

Herbert Lom makes a formidable foil as the wily Shahbandar, and there are some interesting character turns by Arnold Moss and John Abbott.

It all added up to an amusing, unusual and . . . well, thrilling . . . thriller.

Nicole Chang
Shirley MacLaine
Harry Deane
Michael Caine
Herbert Lom
Roger C Carmel
Arnold Moss
John Abbott
Colonel Salim
Richard Angarola

Ronald Neame