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Girl On A Motorcycle, The (1968)

Director Jack Cardiff adapted the erotic novel, La Motorcyclette, with prototype rich waif Marianne Faithfull as a young French housewife seething with a masochistic obsession for sadistic lover Alain Delon.

Bored with her new husband, horny hog-riding adulteress Faithfull strips down and zips on the skin-tight black leather jumpsuit her detached philosopher lover (Delon) gave her as a wedding present, then jumps on her Norton to ride to Germany to get it on with Delon – who once told her “your toes are like tombstones” (?).

Her sexy, psychedelic daydreams as she travels by motorcycle to visit him must be seen to be believed and served as the punch line to the mind-blowing ultimate climax of the movie.

Getting herself so hot and worked up, she doesn’t notice the car in front of her until she’s grated her brains in its windscreen.


Marianne Faithfull

Alain Delon 

Roger Mutton
Rebecca’s Father

Marius Goring

Catherine Jourdan

Jean Leduc

Jack Cardiff