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Girl On The Boat, The (1960)

Zany British jokester Norman Wisdom tried something different from his usual slapstick with this seagoing comedy romance set in the roaring ’20s.

Wisdom stars as young English aristocrat Sam Marlowe who is travelling on a Transatlantic liner with his “silly ass” cousin, Eustace Hignett (Richard Briers). The pair are running away for peace and quiet because Sam had almost rented ‘Windles’ – the country house belonging to Eustace’s mother (Athene Seyler) – to some Americans.

Eustace had also tried to marry against his mother’s wishes, so the two young lads are in trouble.

girlboat girlontheboat

Onboard, Sam meets and falls for an American girl, Billie (an outstanding Millicent Martin), while Eustace retires below with a lengthy case of seasickness. But Sam tries to woo Billie without realising that she was the girl that Eustace wanted to marry.

Bernard Cribbins also stars in this adaptation of the P.G. Wodehouse novel. It bombed at the box office and Wisdom must have thought he could do nothing right.

Sam Marlowe
Norman Wisdom
Wilhelmina ‘Billie’ Bennett
Millicent Martin
Eustace Hignett
Richard Briers
Jane Howard
Sheila Hancock
Bernard Cribbins
Mrs Adelaide Hignett
Athene Seyler
Bream Mortimer
Philip Locke
Noel Willman
Dennis Bennett
William Sherwood
J.P. Mortimer
Martin Wyldeck
Ronald Fraser
Reginald Beckwith
Timothy Bateson

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