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Girls Girls Girls (1962)

Elvis Presley romp with colourful locations, a serviceable (though silly) plot and some super ladies, including Stella Stevens who also gets to sing.

Poor fisherman Ross Carpenter (Presley) is chased by several girls while singing in a club to get his dad out of hock. A rich girl slumming by the shore may prove to be his answer.

Songs include I Don’t Want ToBecause of Love, and Song of the Shrimp.


One of the King’s most energetic films – much better than the title would suggest and also featuring a genuine hit, Return to Sender.

The sentimentality is a bit glutinous, but there’s an underlying toughness to Presley’s character that is shown to good effect in some particularly well-acted scenes that also involve young Laurel Goodwin.

The costumes for the film were designed by the legendary Edith Head.


Ross Carpenter
Elvis Presley
Robin Gantner
Stella Stevens
Wesley Johnson
Jeremy Slate
Laurel Dodge
Laurel Goodwin
Robert Strauss
Alexander Stavros
Frank Puglia
Mama Stavros
Lili Valenty
Kin Yung
Benson Fong
Chen Yung
Guy Lee
Mme Yung
Beulah Quo

Norman Taurog