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Glass Bottom Boat, The (1966)

While moonlighting as a mermaid on Catalina Island (to help her dad who has a glass-bottom boat tourist attraction), Jennifer Nelson (Doris Day) is reeled in by a handsome fisherman (Rod Taylor). One look at her and he’s hooked, and not about to let her get away.

But the feisty mermaid has bigger fish to fry until she later discovers that the fisherman she berated is Bruce Templeton, a top-notch scientist at the space centre where she holds a second job.

To top it off, she’s been mysteriously promoted to work with this space wiz, who is famous for a breakthrough invention known as G.I.S.M.O.

Though their previous skirmish seems to be forgotten, Jennifer’s promotion is really an elaborate scheme on Templeton’s part to woo the catch of his life.

And just when she falls hook, line and sinker for him, Templeton’s suspicious colleagues warn him that she’s leaking data about G.I.S.M.O.

Things really heat up when Jennifer inadvertently finds out she’s under surveillance and leads her inept pursuers on a hilarious wild goose chase.

This romantic spy spoof features some of the best names from 60s comedy, including Paul Lynde, Dom De Luise, Arthur Godfrey, John McGiver and Dick Martin.


Jennifer Nelson
Doris Day
Bruce Templeton
Rod Taylor
Axel Nordstrom
Arthur Godfrey
Ralph Goodwin
John McGiver
Homer Cripps
Paul Lynde
General Wallace Bleecker
Edward Andrews
Edgar Hill
Eric Fleming
Julius Pritter
Dom De Luise
Zack Molloy
Dick Martin
Nina Bailey
Elisabeth Fraser
Mr Fenimore
George Tobias
Mrs Fenimore
Alice Pearce
Anna Miller
Ellen Corby
Dee J. Thompson

Frank Tashlin