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Goodbye, Columbus (1969)

Plain, poor and likeable library worker and former serviceman Neil Klugman (Richard Benjamin) from the Bronx meets up with well-to-do Jewish princess Brenda Patimkin (Ali MacGraw in her first feature role) – who lives in a white clapboard colonial mansion in Westchester – on the one day each summer that his nouveau riche cousin Doris (Kay Cummings) invites him to her country club outside New York City.

Though both are Jewish, Brenda is doing her best to deny it, including getting a nose job. Her family – except her successful, hard-working dad (Jack Klugman) – are also quite eager to bury their roots.

In addition to the crime of not having money, Neil is far too close to those Jewish roots for them, especially the family’s socially pushy matriarch (Nan Martin).

Described at the time as “a Jewish Graduate” and filmed entirely in New York, Goodbye Columbus deals frankly with the sexual situation in which the two youngsters find themselves. Brenda is the aggressor in this case, and it is her aggressiveness and refusal to take the usual precautions that lead to the unhappy finale.

Neil Klugman
Richard Benjamin
Brenda Patimkin
Ali MacGraw
Mr Patimkin
Jack Klugman
Mrs Patimkin
Nan Martin
Ron Patimkin
Michael Meyers
Julie Patimkin
Lori Shelle
Royce Wallace
Aunt Gladys
Sylvie Strauss
Doris Klugman
Kay Cummings
Don Farber
Michael Nurie
Aunt Molly
Betty Greyson
Uncle Leo
Monroe Arnold
Sarah Ehrlich
Elaine Swain
Uncle Max
Rubin Schaefer
Jackie Smith
John McKee
Bill Derringer
Mari Gorman
Gail Ommerle
Uncle Manny
Jan Peerce
Uncle Harry
Rey Baumel
Mr Scapelle
Delos Smith

Larry Peerce