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Gorgo (1961)

Londoners think they’re on to something big when they display a large (65 feet tall standing on its hind legs) prehistoric baby sea monster – caught off the coast of Ireland by fishermen Joe Ryan (Bill Travers) and Sam Slade (William Sylvester) – in a circus . . . until its enormous mother comes to rescue it.

Mama is 250 feet tall, and she trundles up the Thames, breaks Tower Bridge in two, tosses aside Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and demolishes Piccadilly Circus.

Attacks by jets and missiles are turned aside by her scaly armour and her captive infant is eventually freed, leaving Mother Gorgo and child to make their way triumphantly back through the stricken city towards the sea – with the best wishes of most members of the viewing audience.

Good special effects (produced by boffin Tom Howard from the Godzilla school), and seeing London ravaged by a monster is a nice change from Tokyo or New York.

All from the acclaimed director, Eugène Lourié (Que?).


Joe Ryan
Bill Travers
Sam Slade
William Sylvester
Vincent Winter
Professor Flaherty
Bruce Seton
Professor Hendricks
Joseph O’Conor
Martin Benson
Christopher Rhodes
Admiral Brooks
Basil Dignam
First Mate
Barry Keegan
Dervis Ward
Radio reporter
Maurice Kaufmann

Eugène Lourié