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Grass Is Greener, The (1960)

Earl and Lady Rhyall – Victor (Cary Grant) and Hillary (Deborah Kerr) – are down on their luck to the point that they are inviting tourists to take guided tours of their English country estate.

Enter American millionaire oil tycoon Charles Delacro (Robert Mitchum) who visits and takes a liking to more than the house.

Soon, sharp-tongued society girl Hattie Durant (Jean Simmons) gets involved and they all have a good old fashioned love triangle on their hands.

It’s a miserable adaptation of a dull play, resulting in a hopelessly dated mostly unfunny romantic comedy.

Earl Victor Rhyall
Cary Grant
Lady Hilary Rhyall
Deborah Kerr
Charles Delacro
Robert Mitchum
Hattie Durant
Jean Simmons
Trevor Sellers, the Butler
Moray Watson

Stanley Donen