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Great Race, The (1966)

In 1908, the Great Leslie (Tony Curtis, all in white as befits a fine hero) and Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon on top comedic form and sporting one of the most dastardly moustaches this side of a Victorian melodrama) are among the competitors in a gruelling 22,000-mile road race from New York to Paris.

En route to Paris, the two rivals become involved in some bizarre escapades as they battle to outwit each other.

The Great Race is pretty near great screen entertainment – A long, often slapstick, generally amusing, epic-size comedy about the eventful motor race.

Director Blake Edwards pays homage to the cartoon characterisation and slapstick wackiness of silent comedies in this stylised, lavish and entertaining, extravaganza.

Pretty Natalie Wood goes along as cargo and the score is by Edwards regular Henry Mancini.


The Great Leslie (Leslie Gallant II)
Tony Curtis
Professor Fate/Prince Hapnik

Jack Lemmon
Maggie DuBois

Natalie Wood
Maximilian Mean (Max)

Peter Falk
Hezekiah Sturdy

Keenan Wynn
Henry Goodbody

Arthur O’Connell
Hester Goodbody

Vivian Vance
Lily Olay

Dorothy Provine
Texas Jack

Larry Storch
Baron Rolfe Von Stuppe

Ross Martin
General Kuhnster

George Macready

Blake Edwards