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Green Berets, The (1968)

One of the first Vietnam War action pictures presented anachronistic World War II style heroics of the American Special Forces, featuring one-man USA propaganda machine John Wayne (who also co-directed).

United States Army Special Forces troops (“Green Berets”) under the command of Colonel Mike Kirby (Wayne) defend a firebase during the Vietnam war.

War correspondent George Beckwith accompanies Kirby and objects to both the war and the means by which it is executed.

Kirby’s firebase is overrun and his troops fight bravely to retake it and are then ordered on a special mission to capture a high-level Viet Cong officer.

The (in)famous ending features the sun setting in the East!

Col. Mike Kirby
John Wayne
George Beckworth
David Janssen
Sgt. Petersen
Jim Hutton
Sgt. Muldoon
Aldo Ray
Sgt. Doc McGee
Raymond St Jacques
Col. Morgan
Bruce Cabot
Col. Cai
Jack Soo
Capt. Nim
George Takei
Lt. Jamison
Patrick Wayne
Sgt. Provo
Luke Askew
Irene Tsu
Capt. MacDaniel
Edward Faulkner
Capt. Coleman
Jason Evers
Sgt. Kowalski
Mike Henry
Craig Jue

John Wayne
Ray Kellogg