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Greengage Summer, The (1961)

A gentle, exquisitely-photographed film about the romantic illusions and growing-up of two young English girls on holiday in France.

The girls – 16-year-old Joss (Susannah York) and 13-year-old Hester (Jane Asher) – are the eldest two of four children stranded in France when their mother is taken seriously ill while they are all on holiday.

The children find themselves on their own in a chateau that has been converted into a hotel where a mysterious avuncular boarder, Eliot (Kenneth More) takes them under his wing and teaches them a little of life – sometimes amusingly, sometimes painfully – in the few strange weeks that ensue.

Joss soon becomes entangled in a love triangle with Eliot and the co-owner of the hotel, Madame Zizi (Danielle Darrieux), and in the process learns about love, jealousy and disillusionment.

Susannah York gives an astonishingly mature performance as a teenager blossoming into womanhood.

Released in the US as Loss of Innocence.

Kenneth More
Susannah York
Madame Zizi
Danielle Darrieux
Jane Asher
Mlle. Colbert
Claude Nolliere
Mr Bullock (Uncle William)
Maurice Denham
Elizabeth Dear
Richard Williams
David Saire
Raymond Gérôme
Monsieur Dufour
André Maranne
Monsieur Prideaux
Harold Kasket
Monsieur Joubert
Jacques Brunius
Mrs Grey
Joy Shelton

Lewis Gilbert