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Group, The (1966)

Based on Mary McCarthy’s best-selling novel of the same title, this film traces the lives of a group of women friends through the beginning of World War II.

It was really little more than a high-class soap opera, but a lot of fun to watch thanks to the lively and skilful cast. Joan Hackett turned in a particularly fine performance as Dottie, the prim and not too proper Bostonian girl.

At the very least, the film introduced moviegoers to a whole bevvy of charming actresses, many of them subsequently to earn full Hollywood stardom.

Lakey Eastlake
Candice Bergen
Dottie Renfrew Latham
Joan Hackett
Priss Hartshorn Crockett
Elizabeth Hartman
Polly Andrews Ridgeley
Shirley Knight
Kay Strong Peterson
Joanna Pettet
Libby MacAusland
Jessica Walter
Helena Davison
Kathleen Widdoes
Harald Peterson
Larry Hagman
Gus Leroy
Hal Holbrook
Pokey Prothero Beauchamp
Mary-Robin Redd
Dr James Ridgeley
James Broderick
Sloan Crockett
James Congdon
Dick Brown
Richard Mulligan
Henry Andrews
Robert Emhardt
Norine Blake
Carrie Nye

Sidney Lumet