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Half A Sixpence (1967)

A 10-year-old orphan, Arthur Kipps (Jeffrey Chandler), and his tiny friend Ann (Deborah Permenter) are wandering beside a stream in the English countryside in the early 1900s when they find a shiny new sixpence. They vow that the coin shall be the symbol of their undying affection.

Years later, Kipps (now played by Tommy Steele) is apprenticed to a draper (Hilton Edwards) in a nearby town but before he leaves, he has the local blacksmith cut the sixpence in half and presents one of the halves to Ann (now played by Julia Foster).


Life is hard for Kipps until he hears from a visiting playwright called Harry Chitterlow (Cyril Richard) that he has inherited a sizeable sum of money from his grandfather.

The money changes his lifestyle – and his relationship with Ann as he’s snatched away by beautiful but haughty society girl Helen Walsingham (Penelope Horner), snubbed by her mother (Pamela Brown) and swindled by her brother, Hubert (James Villiers).

Until it runs out of steam towards the end, this enjoyable musical adaptation of HG Wells’ Kipps is a flash-bang-wallop of a film, all sweep and verve, with Steele and Miss Foster giving run-for-years performances in the leading roles.

The song and dance routines have the explosive build of a combined fireworks display.

Marti Webb provided the singing voice for Julia Foster’s character. Tommy Steele did his own.

Arthur Kipps
Tommy Steele

Julia Foster
Harry Chitterlow

Cyril Richard
Helen Walsingham

Penelope Horner

Sheila Falconer
Grover Dale
Mrs Walsingham

Pamela Brown
Hubert Walsingham
James Villiers
Hilton Edwards

Julia Sutton

Leslie Meadows

Elaine Taylor
Lady Botting
Jean Anderson

Christopher Sandford

Aleta Morrison
Young Kipps

Jeffrey Chandler
Young Ann

Deborah Permenter

George Sidney
Richard Bakalyan