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Happening, The (1967)

Retired gangster Roc Delmonico (Anthony Quinn) is kidnapped by a group of idealistic Miami beach bums who are hoping to use the ransom money to fund their causes.

Roc realises he’s not as popular as he thought when his friends and family refuse to pay the ransom. Angry, he takes over his own kidnapping and begins a campaign of revenge.

Quinn is his usual gruff self and the period cast of George Maharis, Michael Parks and Robert Walker Jr is pleasantly supported by a young Faye Dunaway in her screen debut – a role that led to the same year’s Bonnie and Clyde – and veterans like Milton Berle and Oscar Homolka.

Very much of its hippie period, it is indicative of the quality of this film that the title song by The Supremes has survived longer in popular culture than the movie it originates from.

Roc Delmonico
Anthony Quinn
George Maharis
Michael Parks
Faye Dunaway
Robert Walker Jr
Milton Berle
Monica Delmonico
Martha Hyer
Oscar Homolka

Elliot Silverstein