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Helicopter Spies, The (1968)

The third of the feature-length films starring the men from UNCLE had agents Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) hot on the trail of a fanatical sect who are intent on using the most powerful weapon ever invented to achieve world domination.

helicopterspies2The hilarious staccato-speak and all-action breeziness of The Man from UNCLE are handled with flair by McCallum and Vaughn in this feature that was plucked from an episode of the comic-book TV series.

Even the ham-fisted clichés (dotty scientist, for example) are part of the fun.


The franchise was getting old by this stage and no amount of leaping around the world can disguise an inherent creakiness in the presentation of the tale.

Napoleon Solo
Robert Vaughn
Illya Kuryakin
David McCallum
Carol Lynley
Luther Sebastian
Bradford Dillman
Lola Albright
Dr Kharmusi
John Dehner
Mr Waverly
Leo G Carroll
Laura Sebastian
Julie London
Third-way Priest
John Carradine

Boris Sagal