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Hell Is a City (1960)

A vicious killer and a merciless cop fight out their vendetta in the grimy streets and forgotten gutters.

Filmed in the inimitable style of the British documentary, the story is lived against the underprivileged parts of industrial Manchester and deliberately filmed in black and white to create the realism this lauded picture achieved.

Inspector Harry Martineau
Stanley Baker
Gus Hawkins
Donald Pleasence
Julia Martineua
Maxine Audley
Chloe Hawkins
Billie Whitelaw
Don Starling
John Crawford
Furnisher Steele
Joseph Tomelty
Doug Savage
George A. Cooper
Geoffrey Frederick
Lucky Lusk
Vanda Godsell
Clogger Roach
Charles Houston
Tawny Jakes
Joby Blanshard
Laurie Lovett
Charles Morgan
Bert Darwin
Peter Madden
Bill Bragg
Dickie Owen
Lois Daine
Mr Hartley
Warren Mitchell
Silver Steele
Sarah Branch
Alister Williamson

Val Guest