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Hell’s Belles (1969)

A beautiful motorcycle is the grand prize of a gruelling motocross race. Tough rancher and racer Danny (Jeremy Slate) is the winner and intends to sell the bike to help pay off his ranch.

But Tony (Michael Walker) – who did not win – decides he will have the bike one way or another anyway, so he and his friends set a trap to ambush Danny and proceed to beat him unconscious.

When Danny eventually comes around he finds his new motorcycle is gone and in its place is the one which Tony had been riding.

In an almost immediate case of instant karma, Tony pulls into a gas station where a motorcycle gang are hanging out. They beat up Tony and the vicious leader of the gang, Tampa (Adam Roarke) takes the new motorcycle.

Danny eventually catches up with Tony and discovers what has happened. He then rides out to where the gang is camping but gets caught while trying to retrieve his prize. After beating him up, Tampa decides to reimburse Danny by giving him one of their women in exchange . . . then knocks him out again.

When Danny regains consciousness (again) he finds a brash motorcycle mama named Cathy (Jocelyn Lane) sitting with him, and the two of them set out to find the bikers. They bicker constantly, so you know they will fall in love before the movie is over.

This American International Pictures (AIP) production featured lots of grade-school-style fight scenes and an Arizona biker gang that doesn’t smoke, drink, take drugs or wear leather jackets.

Jeremy Slate
Jocelyn Lane
Adam Roarke
Angelique Pettyjohn
William Lucking
Michael Walker
Crazy John
Jerry Randell
Kristin Van Buren
Dick Bullock
Astrid Warner
Eddie Hice
Jerry Brutsche
Big Sal
Elaine Everett
Fred Krone
Ronnie Dayton

Maury Dexter