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Hooked Generation, The (1968)

Dope peddlers Acid (John Davis Chandler), Dum Dum (Willie Pastrano) and Daisey (Jeremy Slate) – I shit you not – meet their Cuban contacts off the coast of Florida to exchange dollars for narcotics.

But instead of giving the money over they kill the Cubans and set their boat on fire. On their way back to the mainland they kill the crew of a Coast Guard boat and take a young couple – Mark (Steve Alaimo) and Kelly (Cece Stone) – hostage.

Back at their hideout, they make Kelly dance for them. She tries to make a run for it so they drag her back and rape her.

Festivities over, they set off to sell their stolen drugs. They try their local club owner friend, but he’s no longer buying now that their murder spree is all over the news. He also turns them in to the FBI.

They go on the run to the Everglades with their captives – and nothing else makes much sense either, really.

The film was produced, directed, and co-written by Florida-based drive-in legend William Grefe.

Jeremy Slate
John Davis Chandler
Dum Dum
Willie Pastrano
Steve Alaimo
Cece Stone
Lieutenant Dern
Walter R. Philbin
Book Everett
Milton Smith
Lee Warren
Cuban Leader 
Socrates Ballis

William Grefe