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Hootenanny Hoot (1963)

The marriage of New York television director Ted Glover (Peter Breck) and television producer A.G. Bannister (Ruta Lee) is on the rocks because she has allowed her career to take precedence over romance.

Ted leaves town and discovers the combination of folk and country music is taking the Midwest by storm, so he summons his agent and chum Steve Laughlin (Joby Baker) to Missouri to help him sign some of the popular singers at a “Hootenanny Hoot”.

Complications arise when Steve pursues a romance with shapely blonde Billy-Joe Henley (Pamela Austin), a performer with a touring Hootenanny group.

Musical numbers include folk favourites The Brothers Four singing their hit version of the novelty song Frogg, Johnny Cash performing a version of Frankie and Johnny and George Hamilton IV with a pretty pop version of John D. Loudermilk’s Abilene.

This MGM film was never likely to trouble the Academy Awards, but if you like banjos, you’ll love Hootenanny Hoot.

Ted Grover
Peter Breck
A.G. Bannister
Ruta Lee
Steve Laughlin
Joby Baker
Billie-Jo Henley
Pamela Austin
Claudia Hoffer
Bobo Lewis
Howard Stanton
Lauren Gilbert
Jed Morse
Nick Novarro
Vikki Dougan
The Brothers Four
Sheb Wooley
Johnny Cash
The Gateway Trio
Judy Henske
Joe and Eddie
George Hamilton IV

Gene Nelson