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Horror Of Party Beach, The (1964)

In the same year that Dr Martin Luther King received the Nobel Prize, audiences queued up to see Horror Of Party Beach – a movie where rubber-suited fish monsters are thwarted by an apparently uneducated black maid played by Eulabelle Moore.

You see, radioactive waste has created monsters that carry off bikinied starlets, attack drunks and invade slumber parties, and science can’t stop it.

Fortunately for our scientist hero, his maid is given to “yessuh massuh” dialect humour and ignorant enough to ascribe events to superstition (“It’s duh Voo Doo! Dat’s what it is!”).

With such a lowly role, we might expect Ms Moore simply to disappear from the proceedings, but her presence, in fact, proves crucial to the plot.

When she accidentally spills salt on a creature’s tissue sample, causing it to burn up (“I’se sorry! Oh lordy lordy!”), the doc gets the break he needs and the means with which to destroy the creatures.

“That’s the answer we’ve been looking for!” he proclaims, and immediately sets about making the beach safe for booze hounds, promiscuous teenagers and white supremacists once more.

Surf band The Del-Aires provide the music.

Hank Green
John Scott
Elaine Gavin
Alice Lyon
Dr Gavin
Allan Laurel
Eulabelle Moore
Marilyn Clarke
Agustin Mayor
Lt. Wells
Damon Kebroyd
TV Announcer
Monroe Wade

Del Tenney